Dear colleagues,  

 reading about your efforts to implement a XML DOM/SAX interface into Jython.

 I´ve faced a similar approach in our projects and chosen to use the standard
Java packages available under Java JRE 1.5. Enclosed you find a sample
code which does an SQL query and outputs by web as XML / XSL formatted
table. The same type of interface is suitable to export data into MS Office
products like Excel. Its a quick "hack", many further improvement possible
(to make the XSL more "threadsafe") .. but it performs.

 I´ve started to programm Jythjon since one month, so me a beginner in Python.
This is language is elegant and powerful, really enjoy it ..

Suggestions and information exchange about Jython & XML is always welcome.


Enclosure: Source program for XML/XSL formated output via web  (in a separate e-mail)

Claude Falbriard
Cananéia / SP - Brazil