Dear Jason,

some arguments to run Jython & Java6 under the OLPC platform:

. Jython & Rome package  (see Jython newsletter Oct/2007) is an elegant way to  do syndication
  of podcast  links though RSS.  A cheap MP3 player is a very interesting tool to complement the
  OLPC as the hardware cost of a tiny MP3 player is lower as a single printed book. Its robust, its
  portable and its a rewritable storage media, cost +- USD20 per unit.  

. Java allows to run small scale web servers (for ex. Jetty6 package). Its about  authoring of digital
  contents and build a school Intranet for collaboration. Again Jython makes a difference to
  produce dynamic contents.      

. Allows to teach database programming including SQL.

. Swing offers a great interface to build visual GUI“s, for example for physics and math labs.

My questions:  Why SUN dosn“t adjust  the JRE SE6 to run under the OLPC platform?        
                      Does the Python language provide all those features?          


Claude Falbriard
AMS Hortolāndia / SP - Brazil
phone: +55 13 8117 3316

Jason R Briggs <>

10/18/2007 08:01 AM
Please respond to

Re: [Jython-users] One Laptop Per Child and Jython ?

Can't have Jython without Java.  And a JVM isn't currently available on
the OLPC (at least it wasn't last I heard).

But Python is already on the OLPC.  So why do you need Jython? wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
>  Mr. Alfonso Reyes commented another day about the educational side
> of Jython. He also sent nice functional samples, like the embedded
> database Derby, Array and Swing code.  Remember he told something
> like:
> /"Can“t imagine another OO language to teach kids to program" /
>   Why Jython isn“t yet part of the *OLPC $100 laptop*
> <> project? Is there a
> better language around, talking about clean syntax design (=Python),
> fully interpreted mode, web 2.0 capabilities (RSS & podcasts) combined
> with the power of Java SE 6 language? In summary, Jython delivers nice
> features to build a zero cost, educational IT platform under Linux.
> thinking ..
> Regards,
> Claude  
> Claude Falbriard
> Developer
> AMS Hortolāndia / SP - Brazil
> phone: +55 13 8117 3316
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