>> The problem is that when I recompile with jythonc
>> it overwrites the .java files that I have fixed
>> and thus the same 13 errors show-up again.

> As I understand, you corrected the .java files emitted
> by the jythonc tool? I think it's a one-way deal --
> jython takes your .py and converts them to .java.

> There's no communication the other way around.

> If jythonc or the .py file is buggy, the bugs have to
> be corrected there. Am I missing something?

That seems like a pretty one-sided relationship. I feel like Jythonc and I have developed a sort of companionship. However lately I feel like she never listens to me. I give and I give and I give, and what do I get in return? While it is great that it generates Java code, I feel that she has more to offer. If I edit the .java files created by jythonc there should be a way that I can let her know that. Hehe, sorry to personify a compiler but lately I have become quite attached to jythonc.

- Morgan