Sorry for not asking better. I have already used java packages for hand-coding some GUI stuff and know how to import and use SWING classes. What I am looking for is a tool, kind of a visual GUI painter, which generates most of the Jython code from building blocks and visual construction of the GUI.

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03.12.2004 13:09

RE: [Jython-users] GUI for Jython app

I have no experience with SWT but Swing is quite easy to do. Simply import the packages you need and start using them in your program as you would use any other Java library.
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Friday, December 03, 2004 2:22 AM
[Jython-users] GUI for Jython app


I am using jython mainly for file processing and some jdbc stuff. Now I have to build a GUI front-end for one of my applications. Which is the recommended tool for GUI development for Jython? Is there a tool which allows to generate Jython code to use SWING or SWT?

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