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I am using Jython with Eclipse, and I am stuck on something.  Eclipse uses the notion of 'getAdapter()' a lot.  I'll give you an example:

One way this method is used is in the Workbench class as follows:

final Map services = new HashMap();
commandManager = new CommandManager();
final CommandService commandService = new CommandService(commandManager);
services.put(ICommandService.class, commandService);

public final Object getAdapter(final Class key) {
        return services.get(key);

Now, when you call getAdapter() with ICommandService.class as the argument, you should get the cached commandService object back.  But it doesn't seem to work from Jython.  My Jython code is as follows:

from org.eclipse.ui.commands import ICommandService

wb = PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getInstance()
if wb is not None:
        cs = wb.getAdapter(ICommandService.__class__)
        print cs

I always get None back in the cs variable because, while ICommandService.__class__ in Jython gives me a valid instance of java.lang.Class - it is clearly not the same instance stored in Eclipse as I can see in my debugger.

In Java the cached interface is:

Class<T> (org.eclipse.ui.commands.ICommandService) (id=119)

And in Jython it is:

Class<T> (java.lang.Class) (id=110)

What am I doing wrong here?  How to I get a reference to the actual raw "interface" ICommandService?

Thanks in advance,