Dear Li Li,

The Python math packages:  Scipy, Numpy and Matplotlib all rely on modules compiled in C language and to my knowledge, its not directly supported by the Jython language or the Java JVM run-time. I understand perfectly that the combination could create a large opportunity in analytics as well its supports display of 2D and 3D visualization.

 A practical work around I found in my application space is to use the JSON converter name Jyson developed by Mr. Alan Kennedy from the Jython community. I use to export the data object, for example a large array converting it into a flat file, then import it into cPython using the Python JSON parser, transfer the array into a Numpy format and visualize it through Matplotlib. Mainly inside the Linux platform this process can be automated through the Jython driven OS shells.  The final solution works fast and looks really nice, as Matplotlib is a versatile graphic pack.

Hope this suggestion helps you to build a process flow and combine the features of Jython and Matplotlib.


Claude Falbriard
Certified IT Specialist L2 - Middleware
AMS Hortolāndia / SP - Brazil
phone:    +55 13 9 9760 0453
cell:         +55 13 9 8117 3316

From:        Li Li <>
Date:        08/10/2013 07:38
Subject:        [Jython-users] use matplotlib through jython in java

hi all
  I want to use python lib matplotlib in java. I know a litte about
python and use google to know with jython, I can use both java and
python. how to get started with jython for my purpose? thank you.

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