>From: Ype Kingma <ykingma@xs4all.nl>
>To: <jython-users@lists.sourceforge.net>
>Subject: Re: [Jython-users] Corba .narrow method - need to pass a java interface
>Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 19:51:18 +0100


>On Friday 07 February 2003 23:24, you wrote:
>> Hullo
>> I'm trying to get jython working with the java corba implementation, as
>> client code. To do this, I build some idl, use idlj to create the .java
>> skeletons and helpers and then build my main client jython code. For
>> simplicity, lets say the idl is in foo.idl, and this contains a module
>> called Foo that defines the stuff that I want to interact with. Lets say
>> that this includes an interface called Main. Idlj will put the relevant
>> .java files into ./Foo The jython code needs to include stuff like:
>> from org.omg.CORBA import *
>> # something that I cannot work out to import all of the generated java
>> files for the Foo client: I'd have thought from Foo import *, but this
>> doesn't seem to work - jython seems unable to identify Foo as a set of
>> java stuff.

>Is Foo on the java class path when you start up jython?


Not sure whether this pertains to the issue, but the original post doesn't mention anything about compiling the .java files in the ./Foo directory. Maybe this could be why the original poster cannot import into jython ...


Alex Kotchnev
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