Hi everyone,

Well...just when I thought I had something working I was thwarted again. I have code that has worked perfectly fine when compiled with jythonc -d. Now when I try and run the same command that has always worked for me I get the following error (note that this happens right after the processing step):

javapath module
sre_parse module
GenInstallSteps module
__init__ module
CreateXmlObject module
Out of Memory
You might want to try the -mx flag to increase the heap size

This error is quite confusing to me considering the fact that "-mx" are arguments to "java" and NOT to "javac" since jythonc never calls "java" but instead only calls "javac" I am baffled as to how this is happening. I would love to know why it suddenly broke when nothing was changed! Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance :)

- Morgan