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 My solution approach might sound webized, but the JSON does a good job for object serialization based on standards. Mr. Alan Kennedy wrote a package called JYSON (Java/Jython) which interoperates well with the with SimpleJSON (from GIT cPython). The cross environment calls runs natively though Java OS, or through sockets & eval. Thats how I implemented a portable cross Jython <=> cPython (& numpy) doing a matrix exchange procedure.

I also tested the JEPP package but got issues with the platform portability.

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From:        Pierre Thibault <>
Date:        28/06/2011 16:58
Subject:        Re: [Jython-users] JEPP OR Call the python interpreter directly from Java?? Please Help

2011/6/23 Safoura Seddighin <>

As I am trying to find a way to call a python library functions (which work with CTypes) from an extensive existing Java code base,
I found out about both Jepp and also the possibility of calling the python interpreter directly form Java.
I Know that Jython doesn't support C extensions (CTypes) but will I have the same problem if I use the interfaces and call the python interpreter from my Java code?
If yes, can any one help me figure out whether Jepp is going to be a better solution.
Someone suggested I use py4J but I wanted to make sure that the research I have done so far (On Jython and Jepp) has come to an end.
Thanks so much in advance.
I would appreciate any thought/comment.


One way to go would be to use the Java JNI to wrap the C stuff in Java and then import the Java stuff in Jython.




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