I have a JavaBean that is run by a foreign app, that loads and executes my bean through a copy of the JVM the foreign app starts up.  I want to be able to import a Python module, residing in a *.py file, from an instance of PythonInterpreter (and later from compiled Jython classes).  How can I:
- get a listing of the current directory
- import the py file from the desired directory
Is this functionality is not allowed by the JVM's security policy (can I change that?).  If not, can I instead import a py file embedded in the JAR that contains my JavaBean?  If so, what Jython command do I use to do that?  If it's through a URL where can I find the correct syntax?
Or other options? I'm guessing there must be a solution here or the "import" command would be useless for anything but importing java classes and precompiled Jython classes.  What's strange is, when I try exec'ing "import os", it works without complaint.  But when I try a common function, for example "print(os.curdir), I get an error saying "org.python.modules.os" has no attribute "curdir".