I ended up putting pretty much all of the classes in Jython.jar into my Bean (the org, com, and jxxload_help dirs).  Note, I have not modified the classes in any way, just added them to my JAR archive. So here are my questions:
1) By doing this am I violating any provisions of the Jython/Python license?
2) Am I still allowed to sell my bean, now that the main guts of Jython are in my bean, without additional fees or royalties?  (If it matters, yes my bean does provide extensive new functionality beyond the Jython interpreter, which I don't expose to the user.  Also there is extensive functionality residing in other pure Java classes in my JAR file.)
3) Since I have not modified any of the classes, am I under any obligation to distribute or make available the Jython source or jython.jar file?
4) What are my obligations as far as displaying notices of copyright and authorship belonging to Jython/Python?  I'll probably put the notices up anyways, unless that violates some kind of "implied endorsement" clause of the Jython/Python licenses, but I just want to be absolutely sure what my obligations are.
5) Anything else I need to be aware of?
I would love to hear from those of you selling commercial packages with Jython or Python embedded.  That would be great.
Oh yes, (J)Python rocks!