sorry if this is an RTFM thing but I'm confused.
How do I get the java 'type' (class) if I have Java Class instances wrapped in PyJavaInstances?
Consider the following simple example:
>>> from java.lang import *
>>> x = Float(3.3)
>>> y = Float(4.4)
>>> z = String("oops")
>>> type(x) == type(y)
>>> type(x) == type(z)    # oops .....
>>> type(x)
<jclass org.python.core.PyJavaInstance at 254932200>
>>> type(z)
<jclass org.python.core.PyJavaInstance at 254932200>
Once a Java object is wrapped I no-longer have access to the underlying Class info ??
I guess I could write something in Java (an 'instanceof' kind of thing) but I'm still confused how I access the underlying wrapped object from Java on the way back ...