For the past few months, I have been using Python and some JPython/Jython to do processing of large flat files with a bit of database access.

So far things have worked out great.


I am now trying to add a Java based rules engine into the mix.

I am also new to coding Java outside of an IDE, controlling packages and such in an NT environment.


Since the rules engine wants to control processing, I am trying to make Jython classes, compiled as Java, available to handle i/o and instance creation.

I would really like to be able to use Jython and Java classes interchangeably, depending on where I am in development/prototyping.



My assumptions/observations at this time, which may or may not be correct are:


Java code, which will be accessed from Jython MUST be compiled as part of a package.


            Jython code, compiled with jythonc into Java is accessible from Java but not from another Jython script.

                        While an instance of a class can be created, the methods are not accessible.

                                    AttributeError: abstract method “getHello” not implemented



Any corrections or rules-of-thumb would be appreciated.


Also if there is any reference material available that describes a simple technique for creating and using Java packages by hand, that would help.

It seems more tedious than it needs to be.