I’m searching for a way to run (precompiled) python scripts on a Java VM (Embedded KVM, CLDC, IMP). I recently developed a port of the PyMite Python VM to Java ME. It worked but was way too slow. I wrote some performance tests and the Python script was 300x slower that the native Java script. Unfortunately it is not possible to develop native C application. I need to stick with Java.


I think Jython is a little bit the same approach like my port but mostly for desktop computer. And the Jython Compiler was discontinued. I read that Clamp continues this development. Clamp would allow to generate Java Sources which I can compile to Java ME byte code. But clamp is not very good documented. I checked out the clamp trunk which also needs the Jython Libraries. But both cannot compile. I get a lot of errors... I tried to contact the clamp developer but he didn’t respond.


However, my question is, do see that there is a chance to get it working to create java class files from full-featured python scripts?


If there is some work to do, I can offer my help on a daily base. But this depends on how much work is to do.




Jan Wedel