I am currently working on a jythonc Ant task. It works and looks like the following:
<project name="jythonc" default="main" basedir=".">
<taskdef name="jythonc" classname="jython.ant.JythoncTask"/>

 <target name="main">
  <jythonc package="Test"
    includes="**/*.py" />
I would like to be able to pass the compilation classpath "dynamically" to jythonc (it looks in the jython registry by default), so that jythonc compilation can fully be integrated in our build process; is that possible? Thanks, I'm almost there... (BTW, I would be more than glad to post my code on the list if anyone is interested...).

Yanick Duchesne
Software Architect
Architecte d'applications
Newtrade Technologies Inc.
tel +1 514 286 8180 x 226

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