As a Jython newbie, I have a few questions:
1) PythonInterpreter and thread-safety
Can a single PythonInterpreter be used by multiple threads? I mean, could I keep an PythonInterpreter in a singleton for example, and have it interpret py files for multiple simultaneous threads?
2) PythonInterpreter and dynamic byte-code
Is the transformation of a jython source file to byte-code automatic whenever the eval(...) or exec(...) methods are called? Is the byte-code systematically cached so that a second invocation (for a given script) will be spared the source-to-byte-code generation overhead? What are the exceptions to the rule that one should be aware of?
The public void execfile( s) method of PythonInterpreter does not take any file name; how does the interpreter manage the caching in such a  case - how does it now a given source has already been interpreted?

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