Jython is the hammer that fits all of the nails I've run into so far. I use it in a satellite monitoring and control application with good results. I would wish for faster development, but I would wish that for all of my third party components -- along with excellent quality control, etc. When I found some things Jython didn't do perfectly, I adapted. That's what we do. Move on.
Arguing like this on the Internet is pointless -- exactly how do you win, eh? A waste of time. Let the developers do their thing, and don't depress them too much ;)

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Kevin J. Butler wrote in response to my posting:
>>1) Bugs are not being fixed. I actually did report one bug and suggested
> >one fix recently myself, but lost heart after finding out that other
>>bugs 1-2 years back have still not been fixed.
> Was this the popen issue? 
No, my particulur bug was that jythonc does not work when BOTH --compiler and --package options are specified. I hoped for some eventual fix, but soon lost hope.
The reason I lost hope in Jython bugs getting fixed, was that I found similar bug-reports dating back 20+ months back. I also found many other bugs from the last 3 year that are still not fixed. You can see them all yourself at the bug-tab at the project site ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/jython/ ).
While my partiular bug is very important to me (as I can not compile/organize my project like I want) the depressing situation of just about ALL jython bugs not getting fixed is a far bigger problem. Therefore I would prefer if the discusion does not foucs on any partiular bug.
> Meanwhile, Jython's current implementation is functional, robust, and
> stable enough to do _many_ things very well.... In my opinion, while it >would be great to see more rapid progress in Jython development, >Jython is and would remain a fantastic tool even if
>it never added another Python feature. 
In my current opinion Jython WAS(!) a fantastic treasure of a tool (or promise thereof).

Jython may still be a great tool for the core set of developers that are able to fix whatever bugs they run into. But for 99% of Jython would-be users this is mostly impossible, so the RISK of using a product where bugs is not even fixed is far too high.
More precisely, the fact that bugs is not getting fixed makes it impossible to even consider using Jython for any kind of important or commerical project.
>Volunteers could do well
Personally, I would be able to contribute with a few fixes (compatibility/stability is my interest - not new features).... However, someone would have to firmly convience me that the project is firmly on track, with a dedicated technical lead AND with a clear focus on a quality release (and not just "fun" new features) before I would even consider to contribute.... Sorry, for the harsh language.

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