Are there any problems with using variable assignment as a form or import?
   import my.long.package.list as abbrev
   Class1 = abbrev.Class1
   Class2 = abbrev.Class2
Does this circumvent any import optimizations or have any drawbacks other
than not being a standard way to handle imports?  Is that all
"import xxx.yyy as zzz"  does anyway?
I'd prefer to use:
   >>> import java.util as util
   >>> import util.jar.Attributes as Attributes
   Traceback (innermost last):
     File "<console>", line 1, in ?
   ImportError: no module named util
That doesn't work, but this does:

   >>> Attributes = util.jar.Attributes
It allows me to use util as an abbreviation for java.util and still gives
me Attributes as an unqualified name without importing anything
else from the package.  Every other style of import declaration I tried
required me to repeat java.util (am I missing something obvious?).
I want to do it this way because I plan on changing a long set of
package prefixes in the future and I'd like to isolate the package prefixes.
Plus it would be nice to have never have to use the annoying long set of
package names my project requires more than once (qualified by