We are building a nice web application, where users can submit their scripts and execute them on the web server.

In my opinion there is a small thing missing in the Jython architecture.

We use the JythonInterpreter class to execute the scripts. We use the

PySystemState.add_classdir and


methods to add our own classes to the classpath of the PythonInterpreter. This works fine, if you are working on a local file system. This does work on Tomcat because it extracts the war files to local disk.

We have to run on Weblogic on Solaris though. Weblogic  is very nice with war and ear files, it does not extract them, and accesses the contents as it were a zip file. Since the Jython system treats everything as File, it does not work on Weblogic. An example of the URL pointing to the web.xml on weblogic:


As you can see the protocol starts with "zip"

It would be great if I could make my classes and libs available to the scripts

Sincerely yours