Hi Guys

Has anyone got a good example which I can look at which will enable me to read  a CSV file with 3 columns and will read X no of rows threads)?.

I have something like this:

class Test Runner:
 def __init__(self):

  userFile = open('test.csv', 'r')
  userFileLineCounter = 0
  userFileLine = 'X'
  while (userFileLineCounter != numGrinderThreads):
   userFileLine = userFile.readline()
   userFileLineCounter += 1
   uerFileLine = userFileLine.strip()
   if userFileLine:
    if (userFileLineCounter == (grinder.threadID + 1)):
     print '\nUser Number = %d, Row Counter = %d, %s\n' % ((grinder.threadID + 1), userFileLineCounter, userFileLine)

This works fine if I have one column in the CSV file……

Any assistance will be  greatly appreciated!



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