Hi Neil,
Have not worked with JPE yet but you might consider the Java-ActiveX bridge which is comes as part of the Java Plug-In.  Have a look at http://java.sun.com/products/javabeans/software/bridge/, I think it might interest you.

If I understand what you are attempting, you could write your ActiveX services in Python and call from Java. 

Happy Jythoneering,

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            I've been looking at running Pyhton scripts from JAVA and
initally started looking at Jython.  However Jython runs in the JVM and
therefore I'm losing out on the ability to call out to other systems
specifically ActiveX).
    I've seen and Java-Python bridge called JPE from Arkane software -
question is - has anybody got any experiences with it good or bad?

    All/any help appreciated.


Neil Benn
Automation Informatics Scientist

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