Hi all (I sent this message yesterday but it didn't appear, if it is posted
twice I apologize)

I just released a new beta version of JythonInterpreter 0.6 plugin for jEdit,
This version has a completely new GUI which follows more closely a
"traditional" jython/python interpreter. The new plugin is also almost
completely made in jython.

some new features:

- Completely rewritten GUI featuring a text area where you can write
jython commands, it also allows for copy/paste operations
- New check version commands which detects if an older version of jython is
in the classpath
- New copyright/credits/license command
- History keys as CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN
- Error button. When an error is detected a button is appended to the
traceback which jumps to the error source
- Run current buffer button
- Run current buffer and print results to a new buffer
- Import current buffer
- Path Handler which allows you to easily modify the Jython Path. The path is
modified at runtime allowing to load jar files without restarting. The path
can be stored and loaded again the next time jython starts
- Path Browser, allows you to browse the system path, currently is limited
to display only non-compressed files

Some limitations:
- Path Browser and Error button are not working with compressed files
- Some exceptions are not displayed in the Jython window but in the activity
- Documentation has not been updated
- Probably many more (it is beta :-))

The plugin can be found here:


The simplest way to install is to first install JythonInterpreter 0.5 using
jEdit's PluginManager and replace the JythonInterpreter.jar file with the one
from the link.

NOTE: This plugin will only work with jython 2.1a3


Carlos Quiroz