Let me be more specific: in Java it is possible to write a class that will work as both a main swing program and an applet.


Can I do this in jython or do I have to write the same program twice: once as an applet and again as a main GUI program?







>As I understand it you just need to subclass applet for the applet

>part. But I'm not sure about the applet and non-applet part. An applet

>will work on the desktop. As far as the maven stuff, AFAIK there isn't

>anything maven related that has to do with Jython.






>>I'm new to jython.


>>Can someone point me to a sample "hello World" swing program that

>>works as both an applet and a non-web GUI application? I want to use

>>it as a starter template. A build.xml to go with it would be great

>>too. I have not checked: is there a maven artifact that will do this?