The approach I used in the patch seems to
be a much cleaner solution, unless I'm missing
something here.  That is is only a partial
solution is only because I didn't invest the
time to figure out why open() doesn't go
through new_impl (which seems odd to me
that it doesn't).  And then there's the
open methods on the __builtin__ class
which don't seem to get called at all
(what are they for?).  Perhaps the design
changed but wasn't cleaned up.


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If we do decide to use the new keyword approach, what about adding the
keyword "filewrapper" and use PyFile.FileWrapper (and its subclasses)
for the various streams.  This would keep us from needing a new
keyword to support RandomAccessFile, the nio channel stuff etc.  Then
we could write code like

fw = PyFile.InputStreamWrapper(inputstream)
pf = file(filewrapper(fw))