Good point, Steffen.

Ironically, I myself made a patch to, but it didn't affect this problem one way or the other.  That's been a continuing problem with ReadlineConsole.  OK, I will amend my patch to fix this too, since they haven't gotten around to committing it yet.  It is simply necessary to check the readline() return for null and to return "" instead, if so.

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Samuele Pedroni wrote:

>From: Steve Cohen <>
>>There is some meat on this stupid newbie question, isn't there? 8-)
>>I just typed return.
>>This was on a RedHat linux installation with the revisions to
>> that I submitted last week and the installation was
>>set to use org.gnu.Readline

I have seen this behaviour with ReadlineConsole. The code returns null,
when you type enter at the "..." prompt, which chokes the input loop.
After I changed the method to return "", it worked fine.