Remove the 'w' from 'javaw.exe'.  On Windows, javaw swallows stdout and stderr.  Not sure why the installer choose javaw, might have been the only thing it could find at the time.
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Here's the jython.bat file created by the installer.
 suffice it to say that it doesn't do what I expected.
@echo off
rem This file generated by Jython installer
rem Created on XXX by mike
"C:\PROGRAM FILES\JAVA\JRE\bin\javaw.exe" "-Dpython.home=C:\downloads\jython\2-0" -classpath "C:\downloads\jython\2-0\jython.jar;%CLASSPATH%" org.python.util.jython %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
Running in a persistent DOS window I see/hear the disk hits/light blinks and I get nothing.
If I enter the command: java
I get java
if I enter javaw or javaw -jar jython.jar, I get nothing.
I tried changing the org.python (see above) to org.jython but to no avail.
Ditto for a about an hours worth of fiddling with env variables, paths etc.
I have other Java apps, including jpython, running so I'm at a loss for how to get this going. Any pointers on this and other details for installing and running under Win98SE will be appreciated.
p.s. to Alvaro ... go to fordownload.