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> 2) The most important JVM 7 feature for Jython would be to make use of the
> new invokedynamic opcode. I've spent a lot of effort trying to do this for
> Clojure, and I can tell you that it's far from trivial. We would need to
> upgrade to ASM 4, and do some painful work in adjusting to JVM 7's enforced
> class verifiability.
Can you say more (or give a link) about JVM 7 enforced class
verifiability - quick googling didn't turn anything up for me.

Maybe I can pitch in here. 

I think Tal is talking about the JVM class verifier. Java 7 verifier has stronger than the one from Java 6 and causes a java.lang.VerifyError for code generated by ASM. 
I encountered this issue a while back after upgrading to ASM4 and I think it's fixed in my branch.

Shashank Bharadwaj