2011/9/17 Pierre Thibault <pierre.thibault1@gmail.com>
2011/9/17 Thomas Mortagne <thomas.mortagne@gmail.com>

I don't understand, as I explained I just see the opposite: I can use pygments when it's at the root as you can see in http://maven.xwiki.org/externals/pygments/pygments/1.4-xwiki/pygments-1.4-xwiki.jar and not when it's in Lib/ folder.

Hi Thomas,

I did the following test with jython.jar:

  1. I expended the archive I added a script a the root level.
  2. I packaged again as an .jar with the script.
  3. I started the archive with java -jar jython
  4. I tested if I could import the script that I added.
This was working fine. Than I did the same thing but I moved the script from the root to the Lib folder. It both cases, Jython was able to find my script.

This is really strange. It is a problem with pygments only? Can you do a little test?

I also did the test again with org.python.util.JarRunner as the main class in MANIFEST.MF. I created a script called __run__.py at the root to call the script. __run__.py was able to find my script both at the root and in the Lib folder. It works all the time.

Pierre Thibault

Python Developer/Développeur Python
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