2011/11/8 Philipp Zech <zech.ph@gmail.com>
so now, if trying to get an instance of a python class via the object
factory, as done according to the above mentioned book, i get the error
that one of my modules, namely building (building.py) is not found,
however the package itself (base) is found. I kinda assume this is due
to the java interface implemented by the python class and that it's not
found, however, up to now, i couldn't figure a way out on how to resolve
this issue. Maybe someone can give me a hint on what I'm doing wrong.
Any help will be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!



As I see, are you importing "building"? I think you need to import "from base import building". building is inside the package base.


Pierre Thibault

Python Developer/Développeur Python
Montréal, QC