Hello wa,

Well, the array is big. 250x250x250 means 15625000 elements.

And you cannot do:

Because Jython represents arrays like this:

array('f', [0.0])

This was the output of
: TestClass.zeros(1,2,3)[0][0]
Hope it helps.

2012/2/24 wa <qqrstn@gmail.com>

Jython newbie here, so I apologize if this is a silly question. I am seeing
some  strange behavior I don't understand when I call an overloaded Java
method from a Jython script.

Here is my Java class:

and here is my Jython script:

This Jython script takes about 1 minute to run (I'm on a Mac, if that
matters), but if I comment out the first method in TestClass.java the script
takes almost no time at all. I'm confused why it takes so much longer when
the method is overloaded. Am I missing something here?

Pierre Thibault

Python Developer/Développeur Python
Montréal, QC