2012/9/11 <79apatshull@hushmail.com>
I find that 'package com.foo' prevents two things from happening:
   1) it prevents main from running when java is compiled and run;

Works here... I'm using "java -classpath Test/bin com.foo.HelloWorld"

   2) it prevents HelloWorld from being imported by the jython interpreter;

Also works:

import sys

from com.foo import HelloWorld

h = HelloWorld()

Test/bin is the root of the class files directory (so there is a Test/bin/com/foo/HelloWorld.class). Of course, if you run "java" or this Jython program from there, you don't have to use -classpath or sys.path.append().

I am not sure what you think a Java package is; did you add a package declaration without changing the full classnames anywhere else?