> So I'm all but certain that 2013 is the year that we will actually
> seriously start on a Jython3. This will be our one chance to
> acceptably cause some backwards incompatibilities without too much
> screaming.

I don't have anything specific to add right now, but ...

> * os.name should point to the actual os.name and not be "java". We
> currently have an os._name that does this, but there are plenty of
> ways to detect that we are on the JVM and so we don't need to take up
> this spot with another check.

Furthermore, I'd like to see us add a centralised OS characterisation and naming scheme.

There lots of places in our code where code is specialised based on the OS, and there are several different ways in which the checking is done and the OS is named.

I'm thinking of the OS-specific registry options I mentioned in an earlier email: the installer uses a different set, as does the os module, and its implementation sub modules.

Having a single discovery and naming scheme would go a long way towards standardising our platform handling.