> I'm using jython to access the summarizer from Classifier4J. It's my first day with jython so plz be gentle :-)
> My problem is that i need to provide my own Stopwordlist for which I'll have to override the method getStopWords().
> API: http://classifier4j.sourceforge.net/subprojects/core/apidocs/net/sf/classifier4J/DefaultStopWordsProvider.html

from net.sf.classifier4j import IStopWordProvider

class MyStopWordsProvider(IStopWordProvider):

    def __init__(self):
        # This is just for illustration: should use a more efficient
        # data structure, such as a dictionary
        self.my_stop_words = ["abs", "def", "etc"]
    def getStopWords(self):
        return self.my_stop_words

    def isStopWord(self, word):
        # This does an inefficient linear search
        return word in self.my_stop_words

Instantiate it like this

my_stop_words_provider = MyStopWordsProvider()

> How do I do that in a way that the summarizer will use my method ?

How are you creating the summarizer?

> I mean just subclassing  DefaultStopWordsProvider in my py can't be enough right ?

Should be simple.