> Yeah, sadly it seems like the right thing to do. Even more sadly I'm
> sure we will get a bunch of bug reports since 2.5 will suddenly cease
> working the way people expect. If we want this in for 2.5.4 we need to
> do it fast, I'm getting ready to do an RC2. We could leave it to 2.5.5
> otherwise.

One alternative is that we put some form of warning that

A: jline is in use
B: Has presented some problems
C: How to switch to a different console

Just a thought?

I think it's an important issue that is frustrating for a lot of users.

A much larger group of users than the more technically oriented group that would complain if the fancier facilities of jline were not available. Also, the latter group would be more likely to go poking in the registry file to change things around.