This is fantastic, thanks very much for setting this up!

I remember when we were working on 2.5.0 how much the waterfall from the buildbot we then had running helped us make progress as we were closing up bugs. Hope to see the same for our 2.7 efforts!

- Jim

On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 10:35 AM, Sven Dehmlow <> wrote:

I set up a buildbot for jython:

It builds the branches 'default' and '2.5' with openjdk-6 and openjdk-7.

The build steps are:

1. clean checkout

2. 'ant'

3. './dist/bin/jython dist/Lib/test/ --expected'

I'm a bit unsure about step 3 as there are always failing tests. Which
parameters do you use for regression testing?

Comments are very welcome!

Best regards,


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