Thanks for taking a look at this problem and helping clean out these junk edits. This is extremely helpful and a fantastic way to contributing to the community.

We clearly do not want the Jython wiki to devolve to junk. But we have limited eyeballs looking at the wiki. (Right now I only look at the wiki myself when I'm consulting some of the design docs we keep there, at least at this point in the dev lifecycle.) Therefore I think moving to a whitelist approach of a trusted user group makes sense. Any objection here? (I should point out that we currently also whitelist this email list for submissions.)

I would have expected FrankWierzbicki and maybe some other logins to be on this list; maybe their logins got removed due to the junk cleanup? In any event, it's easy enough to get a decent initial list together for Adam/Marc - simply respond to this email with your wiki login to add. Presumably we can get this updated readily going forward.

- Jim

On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 11:29 AM, Adam <> wrote:
Hi Jython dev

Junk edit traffic has been spiking on the jython wiki for the last month or more. It's a bit of a hassle and doesn't look great when the front page is a dodgy, barely concealed link to some link farm.

Marc Lemburg who looks after the python wiki suggested upgrading to require captchas for users not in a TrustedUser group. Jython doesn't have a high traffic wiki, I scanned the history of a few key pages and got this list of people who have made non junk edits some time ever.


I have no particular official standing with jython but am happy to mail Marc to confirm the upgrade and the trusted user group, it sounds like a good idea to me. A confirmation that is fine from this list / jython dev owners would be good, if no response in a few days I guess I'll take that as no objection. If there is some other owners or list I should ask please point me that way.

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