After many commits, the socket reboot branch ( now supports pip and requests. You can also use easy_install. This means I'm now deprecating my jython-ssl branch.

For pip, use this branch: This is currently required because an upstream vendor lib for pip, html5lib, currently uses isolated Unicode surrogates in Unicode literals, which we cannot support due to our use of UTF-16. Presumably this should not be too difficult to upstream.

To use the pip branch directly, you will also need to install setuptools.

So far I have been building directly with ant, then jython install against the pip branch, then using dist/bin/pip install to install the packages of my choice.

Virtualenv and wheel support is not yet working, which means that I have not yet been able to test with tox, the test framework pip uses. 

For requests, I have installed it both with pip install and by directly cloning the repo. In testing requests, all but 3 tests of 122 pass. Those remaining 3 tests look like they should be easy to fix - some problem in array coercion in our code with input params from requests.

At this time, I had to disable my initial implementation of select.poll in favor of the default fallback of for requests to run; test_select and some other functional tests I have cobbled together run against select.poll, but there's something missing when run against requests. Hopefully this will be an easy fix.

For test_socket, I still have 5 test suites disabled. Of these 2 run without failure, but for some reason cause the test run to lock. Some sort of cleanup is not happening, either in the test code or in the new socket support. Overall, 142 of 150 (enabled) tests run without failure, or ~95%.

Lastly, there's a lot of cleanup to be done in the socket-reboot code (see mostly Lib/ and Lib/ I plan to shortly switch the existing print statements to use of logging, then possibly remove completely once these fixups are done. Also there are many FIXMEs to resolve (or remove, some are no longer valid).

But exciting overall to see. I cannot wait until this work lands in beta 3.

- Jim