I removed the modified copy of in favor of the standard version in lib-python/2.7/test. My experience is that it works fine on Windows 8.1 and it does not hang the regrtest:

c:\jythondev\jython27>dist\bin\jython.bat dist\Lib\test\
test_http_0_9 (__main__.BaseHTTPRequestHandlerTestCase) ... ok
test_http_1_0 (__main__.BaseHTTPRequestHandlerTestCase) ... ok
test_http_1_1 (__main__.BaseHTTPRequestHandlerTestCase) ... ok
test_request_length (__main__.BaseHTTPRequestHandlerTestCase) ... ok
test_with_continue_1_0 (__main__.BaseHTTPRequestHandlerTestCase) ... ok
test_query_arguments (__main__.SimpleHTTPRequestHandlerTestCase) ... ok
test_start_with_double_slash (__main__.SimpleHTTPRequestHandlerTestCase) ... ok
test_command (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_handler (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_head_keep_alive (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_header_close (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_internal_key_error (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_request_line_trimming (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_return_custom_status (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_return_header_keep_alive (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_send_blank (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_version_bogus (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_version_digits (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_version_invalid (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_version_none (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_version_none_get (__main__.BaseHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_get (__main__.SimpleHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_head (__main__.SimpleHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_invalid_requests (__main__.SimpleHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_authorization (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_headers_and_content (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_invaliduri (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_no_leading_slash (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_os_environ_is_not_altered (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_post (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok
test_url_collapse_path (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... ok

Ran 31 tests in 32.974s


(Same results, as would be expected, using the alternative command of start dist\bin\jython -m test.test_httpservers, per what you reported in

It would be worthwhile testing this on Windows 7 as well, so I will work on getting a personal setup of Windows 7 as a VM later this week, just to see if the delta is there or perhaps more likely in different network configuration.

There is an exclude option (-x) for the regrtest, but this option does not currently work:

$ dist/bin/jython dist/Lib/test/ -x test_httpservers
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "dist/Lib/test/", line 1449, in <module>
  File "dist/Lib/test/", line 368, in main
    nottests[:0] = args
TypeError: 'set' object does not support item assignment

I have opened a corresponding bug:

- Jim

On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 3:43 AM, Jeff Allen <> wrote:
I notice that in recent changes our custom Lib/test/
has been deleted. We need this to deal with issue 2109
( until CPython catches up, and without
it regrtest hangs on my machine.

I can restore the file, but what's puzzling me is that, as we deleted
it, we presumably think we don't need the skips it contained. But
without them I get these failures:

test_authorization (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... FAIL
test_headers_and_content (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... FAIL

test_no_leading_slash (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... FAIL
test_os_environ_is_not_altered (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... FAIL
test_post (__main__.CGIHTTPServerTestCase) ... FAIL

Was this a choice to make it fail noisily, as with many other tests
recently re-enabled? Or do these pass for others?

For speed, and minimal change, I'm going to restore this with the #2109
changes, but without the skips.

-- Jeff Allen

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