On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 7:53 AM, Stefan Richthofer <> wrote:
Dear Jython Developers,

with this email, I would like to make you aware of my project JyNI (Jython Native Interface), which has the goal to make native CPython extensions usable from Jython.

Thanks for reaching out! A number of us have heard about JyNI. In fact, I was discussing your project at a Python sprint in San Francisco on Saturday: we were speculating on your approach and opportunities for optimization, such as using intrinsics (such as sun.misc.Unsafe). Among other things, using intrinsics has seen some great performance benefits for Cassandra. In any event, it's a topic I plan to discuss this week at the JVM Language Summit.

My first release JyNI 2.7-alpha.1 is now online at:

Great, I do plan to take a look! 

I will also present the project at upcoming EuroSciPy:

Additionally I plan to setup a project homepage.
On that page I plan to link to the Jython page. Additionally,
the name "Jython" will appear on the page and I created a logo
that contains a modified version of your Jython logo (the cup with
the snake-formed steam). Can you tell me, who I must ask for permission to do this?
Should I (also) ask Jesse Ross? (I don't want to bother people without need.)
I will also write to the PSF, since the logo also contains the Python logo.

Given your project, this will definitely pass muster; however, you should make contact with the PSF trademarks committee about your planned logo modification.

A previous version of this email had a draft of the project page appended and was
held for moderator decision for it was too large because of that.
Since almost 10 days have passed since then I canceled the post (however, the cancel-link gave an error)
and wrote this email.
As soon as you let me know where to ask, I will send the draft to that place/address/person.
However, I can't send a link since I do not want to put it online without the permission.

Frank or other list admin?

- Jim