What an awesome page! And what an important and complex work getting us 2.7 and toward Py3K. Thank You!


On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 4:09 PM, Jeff Allen <ja...py@farowl.co.uk> wrote:
It is a few weeks now since I submitted a reasonably complete
implementation of memoryview and a working buffer protocol for
1-dimensional bytes. I wrote about this during the design stages on the
Wiki (http://wiki.python.org/jython/BufferProtocol), but much of that
"thinking aloud" is now out of date. I'll get round to updating it.

What I've written is different from CPython, but in ways I believe don't
matter in Jython. It manages to share buffer objects where CPython is
constrained not to, and does a lot more for exporting object (like
reference counting the buffer). I like to think it is what the CPython
authors would have written, if they hadn't had to be compatible with
legacy code, and if they'd had the advantages of an OO language.

As my ideas matured and during coding, I kept my note pad open at a
picture I'd drawn that seemed to sum up the combinations of
circumstances I wanted to cover. For those who might be interested, I've
now turned this into a sequence of pictures in PDF, and posted it near
the top of the same page. It could maybe do with some narrative, but I
think stands reasonably well on its own.

Jeff Allen

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