Hey Guys,

Stupid question. I have a jython class (from PyObject). For some reason i need to override __eq__, __ne__, etc. for it to take effect even when i have the @ExposedMethod annotation, PyDict does some of that, but PySet does not do any of these overrides and seems to work. Am i missing some obvious magic here?

       @ExposedType(name = "dict_values", base = PyObject.class, doc = "")
       class PyDictionaryViewValues extends PyDictionaryView {          
        public PyDictionaryViewValues(PyDictionary dvDict) {
        public PyObject __iter__() {
            return dict_values___iter__();
        @ExposedMethod(doc = BuiltinDocs.set___iter___doc)
        final PyObject dict_values___iter__() {
            return new ValuesIter(dvDict.getMap().values());