What do you mean "There is no SSL support"? SSL sockets should work just fine (although I guess I haven't tested in 2.7, but 2.5 it works)

Also remember that if you do want to just use something like apache commons for sockets that is perfectly fine. Add the jars to the path and import the classes you want to use and you should be set.

But yeah, some extra info on what exactly you are trying to do would be helpful :)


On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 2:52 PM, Jeff Gaynor <gaynor@illinois.edu> wrote:
I've hit another snag: There is no SSL support in jython 2.7. Since I do
security work, that is a real show-stopper -- we *only* do SSL/TLS

Are there plans to enable it? Just even wrapping the apache commons
classes would be fine. I definitely do not want python's badly broken
SSL implementation ported when Java works fine.

Failing that, does anyone have suggestions on how to get around this?


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