Thanks Jim.

I have a couple of others that I’m going to try to submit. One that I wrote that creates a tabbed pane with XML syntax highlighting using the Bounce syntax highlighter  (java jar) and swing. J its pretty simple to use. but I need to make some changes and some cleanup. When do you need these by?



I looked at the Robot Framework link and it looks very interesting. I look forward to evaluating it further. I am interested in the robotframework-swinglibrary when its available.




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Pekka and Greg,

Definitely we're still interested in these and other contributions. Frank and I haven't begun to put together our presentation because we feel that the coolest thing of all we can show at EuroPython is what will be the Jython 2.5 alpha. So we're working hard on that!

- Jim

In getting as much 2.5 functionality done before EuroPython as we can

On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 11:01 AM, Pekka Laukkanen <> wrote:


I just sent a note to users list about Robot Framework, and if you are
still looking for demos and find test automation interesting you may
consider using it. Java GUI testing probably would demo pretty well,
and that would be something you can't do without Jython. We are
currently setting up a separate project for a Java GUI test library
[1] and it even includes a simple demo. No code is publicly available
yet -- we are in the process of converting package names from to org.robotframework -- but if you are interested we can
give you the code somehow.



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