Jython 2.2 currently only supports Jython 2.2 and a little 2.3 stuff. Python 2.5 will be supported when Jython 2.5 is released sometime in the future.

So importing python 2.5 modules into the current Jython more than likely won’t work. I’d recommend using a Java lib. But which one, I don’t know maybe google will help you there.




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I am trying to import hashlib in my jython script......and getting error msg

No Module named _md5

Here is traceback result

File C:\Python25\Lib\hashlib.py line 60 in _get_built_constructor

File C:\Python25\Lib\hashlib.py Line 133
no module named -md5

my current directory is c:\grinder-3.0.1

If this is standard problem of importing Python modules in Jython (like parsers, XMLstring)....is there a way to use same Hash sha1 functionality in Jython ..may be using Java ?

can someone please share that recipe.



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