I am a beginner of Jython.
I have installed it alright, but am having difficulty starting it.
I presume the standard way to start Jython is to type "jython" at C: prompt.
First of all, my dos prompt is not exactly C: but C:\Documents and Settings\Jin>
and I can't bring it back to simple C:\
I typed C:\ at the end but this didn't work (I would appreciate if someone can show me how).
But this may not be a problem because I can start Python by typing python here.
Anyway, I typed "jython" here and then got a message that jython is not an executable program.
I looked at the jython folder (jython2.2.1) and saw no file with .exe.
I also typed in different combinations like "C:\jython", "C:\jython>jython" but got the same message.
I would really appreciate if someone can get me out of this puddle.
Thank you very much.

(I am actually sendint this message a second time because my first question was not accepted due to my non-membership. I have now confirmed my mailing subscription and joined the Sourceforge, so I am sending it again hoping that it is not accepted.)

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