I all,

I wanted to ask a question about the use of jython and java 6.


I have this application where I use the python interpreter in many places plus I do give the user the possibility to load/run from a specific folder few scripts.


Clearly I have to add at the beginning the new script folder to the classpath and I do this at run time using



PySystemState sys = Py.getSystemState();

        logger.debug (sys);

        logger.debug (sys.path);


        for (String path : paths)


            sys.path.append(new PyString(path));





Works everything perfect till I start using the java6 engine


Once I just get the engine, set few variables and execute a script body I cannot run any of the scripts any more the classpath has been changed.


Am I doing something wrong or shall I set again the classpath each time the java 6 engine action is called?


Thanks all