CookSwing and Jython are both so handy, I'm trying to use them together.
(CookXML / CookSwing is at
Is anybody else using these two tools together?  Didn't find much on Google.
Anyway, I'm having trouble with the Java class variable bindings in the CookSwing XML file when trying to access them from a Jython class.
In my XML file I have a tag like:
        <filechooser var="myFileChooser" />
And in my Jython class I have:
import cookxml.cookswing.CookSwing as cks
myCks.render( "text.xml" )
But myFileChooser is not created.
I also tried creating an instance ahead of time in the Jython class
constructor, thinking that fields can't be added on the fly sometimes:
def __init__(self):
        self.myFileChooser = None
But no luck.
Then I read that the "var" attribute will also call getters and setters!  So
I added this:
def setMyFileChooser(self,obj):
        self.myFileChooser = obj
        print "he called!!!"
Still no luck.
Even in a stardard Java class, if you don't have the variable defined,
render() does not complain.
So I think part of this boils down to how the var= is implemented in
CookSwing, and also how Jython connects to Java.
Any thoughts?