I'm trying to get hibernate working inside my jython test framework (to verify that the information presented to me is what I should be getting back from the database). I can get things moving along, but they stop abruptly because the datasource is configured through JNDI which works fine when inside the application server container (websphere 5.x) but of course my application is not inside the container which causes a bit of a headache.
I've managed to work around the problem by creating a copy of the hibernate.cfg.xml file and remove the datasource property and replacing it with the jdbc connection ones but I would like to reuse the real infrastructure as possible.
So my question is, has anyone used hibernate to connect to a jndi datasource outside of an application container? The interweb implies that it is possible, but there is no jython specific examples that show this part. Oh, and could you send me the relevant chunk of code?

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