Hi all,

Steven Parkes has been working on libraries to implement the Actor model of programming.   He's got versions in Python, Ruby and Erlang.   During OSCON he tried his code out on Jython and here are the results...

Thought you guys might find this interesting/encouraging.

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Steven Parkes" <smparkes@smparkes.net>
Date: July 24, 2008 9:02:08 AM PDT
To: "'Ted Leung'" <twl@sauria.com>, <smparkes@smparkes.net>
Subject: !!!
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First actor run on jython:

mbp:pingpong smparkes$ jython actor.py 1000
ping: pingpong 1000
pong: pingpong 501
ping: pingpong 500
pong: pingpong 1
ping: done
mbp:pingpong smparkes$

If it's not obvious, that's exactly what it should do. No

I gotta figure out how to get nose to run all the tests with jython ...