I guess you can create Java class wrappers for your Python classes. This way, Hadoop will see them like any other Java classes in your jar. How this sounds?

2011/3/24 Greg Benson <benson@usfca.edu>
Hi All,

I'm new to Jython.

I'm interested in using Jython 2.5.2 with Hadoop.

My understanding is that the old Jython example that comes with the Hadoop source code no longer works because it relies on jythonc to generate Java classes.

I've studied the object factories approach to allowing Java to access Jython classes.  However, don't immediately see how to make this work in the context of Hadoop.  It seems to me that Hadoop needs to be able to access your map and reduce classes from a Jar.  If I include a jython (.py) script in the jar, I don't see how to force Hadoop to run the scripts so that the classes will be available to the Hadoop runtime system (even if I use the object factory approach).  Hadoop just expects to be able to access classes that you specify in a job configuration.  I believe this is why the jythonc approach worked.

I'm aware of Happy (http://code.google.com/p/happy/) and Hadoop Streaming.  However, I'm hoping to use Jython in a more native fashion with Hadoop.



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